Since the weather has been getting hotter, Jen and Michelle will talk about taking care of our skin during this time. Unfortunately, acne, sweat, and the sun go hand in hand.

They use this episode to explain how the location and type of your acne can show you how to properly treat it. Exfoliating correctly, makeup, sunscreen, and your diet are all very key things to consider with the location and type of skin issue. 

Our skin is the largest organ so whenever something’s happening internally in our body, it’s going to come out through our pores. 

Diet is a vital part of skincare. During this episode they break down different locations of your face and explain how the location of your acne can show you what your body is struggling with and what foods you should add or eliminate.

Acne, blackheads, rashes, enlarged pores, puffy eyes are all related to different issues with your body related to diet, stress, rectal issues and even reactions to chemicals like BPAs.

The most effective thing you can do is examine which type of acne you have and look at your diet.