Ready to get focused and up-level your life?

In this podcast episode, Jen talks about mental strength and focus. This is especially important after the pandemic that we all have been on and how we can get refocused and up-level our life. 

Since she is really diving in deep to getting focused, she shares how she is doing so with the 75 Hard challenge. This is helping her with upcoming events like a bikini competition, and working on her skin care line. 

The 75 Hard challenge is about mindset and it’s purpose is to get you structured and organized, it dials you in as a person. It’s going to push you for exactly 75 days and if you mess up one day you’re starting from day one again. This challenge include things you must do every single like: drink one gallon of water, read 10 pages of a book, follow a diet, do two 45 minute workouts, and take daily progress photos.

Will you join her in the 75 Hard challenge to up-level your life?