8 Winter Skincare Tips


Keep your skin hydrated and protected all winter long with Jenn’s winter tips.

Jenn expains 8 Winter Skincare Tips that are an absolute must.

Winter weather is extremely tough on our skin. Cold, and windy altitudes. Low humidity dries out the air , and your skin suffers as a result. Instead of just watching your skin crack, peel, and turn rough, keep it happy and healthy with jenn’s winter weather skincare tips.

  1. WASH IN LUKEWARM WATER: I know hot baths and showers feel great in the cold. Trust me If you can stand lukewarm water, particularly when just washing your hands, you’ll be better off. Lukewarm water avoids stripping oils from your skin.
  2. MOISTURIZE IMMEDIATELY: Don’t wait to apply moisturizer every time after you wash. Applying moisturizer to damp skin helps to seal in extra moisture. Take my skin Quiz..
  3. CHOOSE THE RIGHT MOISTURIZER: Not all moisturizers are created equal. This winter skincare choose oil-based instead of water-based lotions and even look for naturally hydrating ingredients like lavender, calendula , vitamin E, and more. Try this  Moisture Boost provides natural anti-inflammatory and conditioning properties from  Vskincareline.
  4. PROTECT YOUR SKIN: Spending a lot of time in the cold without gloves can be killer for your skin. Protect your exposed skin with scarves and gloves and use sunscreen.
  5. STAY HYDRATED: For some reason in the winter we think that we don’t need as much water. That’s not true at all. Keep drinking water. It’s also fine to turn to tea. My favirite one is in my amazon account. Check it out here.
  6. EAT RIGHT: You can make a big difference in your winter skincare by changing what you eat.
  7. EXFOLIATE: Don’t let your dead skin cells build up in the winter. Use an exfoliating mask on your hands and face to keep your skin smooth and better able to accept your moisturizer. Here is a phenomenal scrub.
  8. CHANGE YOUR CLEANSER: During the winter, your cleanser might be too harsh for your skin. Avoid cleansers with glycolic or salicylic acid when it’s already dry out and stick with moisturizing ingredients.