Today, Jennifer is joined by Megan Kramer. Megan is a certified yoga health coach and the founder of live to thrive. Megan is committed to helping people use yoga and meditation to find the light within that’s alway been there.

Megan is challenging us to understand there is no better time than now to begin your health journey. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming no matter where you fall in your journey, Megan explains how we can start small with a few small changes at the start of our day. She explains how we as humans naturally do better with structure and your body needs structure. 

Megan is also part of a family business that owns over 20 locations that practice cryotherapy as an alternative to faster and safer healing. 

Her methods to staying healthy mentally, physically, and internally in this episode are things we can all apply right away and are completely free. This episode is must for anyone ready to hit the refresh button while at home.

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