For this week, Jen talks about the top 5 worst men skincare mistakes and how we can fix them

They say many skin issues come from genetics but a lot of times we’re not doing the proper care that we need to with our skin.

Here are Jen’s few takeaways about skincare mistakes

  • Not washing your skin properly and not washing it enough
  • Not washing your face might promote more acne and issues with your skin. Cleanse once in the morning and once at night. Don’t overdue washing your face. 
  • Not maintaining a proper diet and poor sleeping habits can lead to unhealthy skin
  • Our skin is our largest organ so whatever goes in our body has to be excreted out and it comes out of our pores.  Stay away from processed food, sugar, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine. Increase your water consumption.
  • It’s when we regenerate. 6-8 hours of sleep. Clean your skin before you go to bed.
  • Have a really great cleanser. Exfoliate about twice a week. Make sure you wear good UVA and UVV protection during the daytime. Use proper hydration at night. A really good basic skincare routine will change the outcome of your skin.
  • Stop touching your face and change your pillowcases and your sheets