Nutrition & fitness

As a sponsored 1st Phorm Legionnaire Athlete, Jennifer Carrasco offers nutrition and fitness plans to help your health and in turn, your skin.



“Virago represents a woman who is unafraid of expressing self confidence and strength. Overall wellness is a strong component of Virago’s philosophy and focus of our work. One can not expect the skin to remain beautiful if the rest of the body is being neglected. Beauty stems from the inside. So, to maximize the appearance of radiant skin, one must seek a balanced lifestyle that embraces proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Virago stresses the vital importance of individual expression. Beauty is more than the makeup you choose or the clothes you wear; beauty is part of your entire being. Through individual care and treatment, our goal is to help our clients feel more comfortable and self-confident in expressing their beauty and strength.”

– Jennifer Carrasco, Founder of Virago Skin + Body Studio &  V Skincare



18 weeks | $4725

– Nutrition and Cardio with weekly check-in’s (Changes made weekly based on clients progress)

– Exercise Program (Changes made weekly based on clients progress)

– 1-Hour Mindset Health Coaching Session twice a month via phone or FaceTime

– 5 Posing Lessons

– 2 Training Sessions/week with Certified Trainer at a pre-selected, local gym (membership included)

– Assistance in choosing swimsuit, shoes and jewelry for show

– Virago Beauty Products (Micro-scrub, Alpha Cleanser)

– Show Day Support

– 4-Week Reverse Diet

– Photo Shoot with Carlene Imagery* (photos not included; location of photoshoot within a 30 mile radius of Vacaville, CA



$199 with Trasphorm Subscription

  • Nutrition and Cardio

  • Weight Training Program

  • Weekly check-in and feedback from Virago Coach with moderate adjustments

  • 1-hour mindset Health Coaching Session once a month via phone or FaceTime

  • Package purchase required

12 | 16 | 20 WEEK CHALLENGE

$349 with Trasphorm Subscription


  • Fat Loss – To lose at least 10 pounds of fat.

  • Muscle Mass – To maintain, or even gain lean muscle mass.

  • Conditioning – To be in amazing shape; perhaps the best shape in years.

Diet Plan

    • Each week will consist of 3 different types of eating days. Your Virago Coach will select the perfect eating plan based on YOUR body type & goals

      • – High-Carb Days

      • – Moderate-Carb Days

      • – Low-Carb Days

Fitness Plan

      • – Cardio

      • – Weekly Check-Ins

      • – Changes made bi-weekly based on clients progress.

      • – Exercise Program with HITT sessions

      • – 1-Hour Mindset Health Coaching Session twice a month via phone or FaceTime


Virago Boot Camp

4 week program | Consultation Required

As a single mom raising my son, I was dealt my fair share. And with that, I have noticed through my years that women don’t always support one another. And we really should. So, this bootcamp is for women to work on themselves, find the beauty in their strength and support each other’s beauty at bootcamp. A portion of each bootcamp’s proceeds will go to a charity of our choosing that focuses on women and/or their children.

1st Phorm Supplements

1st Phorm International is the premier supplement line in the industry. Now we know you hear that from everyone, but at 1st Phorm, we live it. 1st Phorm is not some fly-by-night, gimmicky brand. 1st Phorm is an established industry-leading brand that is fed up with the crap the supplement industry has been pushing on the very people that support the industry; people like you. YOU are the ones that support us and the time has come for you to be rewarded for the effort and hard work you put in everyday. Like every elite level opportunity, this is going to be offered to only a very select few. The elite leaders across industry who are respected, driven and care about the very people they interact with everyday.