Meet the team


Virago Founder

Being a mom of an amazing son, a business owner for over 18 years I am an overachiever. I can not rest nor let my mind rest. In this life, I want to conquer and pursue every dream, obstacle and goal. From a little girl I was determined and focused. Well being is my passion and skin is my career. Combing the two, I created Virago, a brand that goes beyond beauty.



I always had a love for beauty and skincare. Since I was young, I would research and learn everything I could about the industry. One of the main reasons why I pursued a career in esthetics is because my mother suffers from psoriasis. I wanted a career that enabled me to help others, like my mom, to feel good and confident about themselves. I’m very passionate about my field and will work hard to make others feel their absolute best.



I went to beauty school, with the idea of starting my own line of cosmetics. I wound up pursuing hair, but no job just ever seemed right. Then I had the opportunity to work at Virago. It allowed me to help people feel pampered, confident, and happy with their appearance. If you don’t like what your seeing in the mirror, let me help you change that.