Meet the team


Meet our Founder

V skincare was created by Jennifer Carrasco, a 21-year experienced esthetician, and a IFBB PRO fitness competitor, and founder of Virago Skin and Body Studios. Jennifer realized that on a daily basis, society shows us numerous “flawless” people through social media platforms and magazines. We are also overwhelmed with a new skincare routines, new workouts, and the best “new diet.” Jennifer strives to break these norms, which is why she has spent more than the last decade perfecting physically and mentally what it truly means to be beautiful.

Why TF Did I create Skin Care?

Brace yourself, I did it. I created a mother flipping SKINcare line!  

This has been a dream of mine for so long, and it’s HERE!!!  
I created true ingredient products for YOU. 
I want YOU to freaking LOVE your SKIN!

Because Great Skin Is So important..

And to be honest…this has been the most fun, most authentic, and consequently the scariest project I have ever done. 

It has taken A LOT of work, A LOT of risks, A LOT of energy, A LOT of time, and A LOT of silencing the voices in my head that constantly tried to talk me out of it.



Carshena McBride or you can call her “Shena” if you prefer. Is a master Esthetician  loving wife, a mother of a 26 year old and an all around go getter & dream chaser.

Here are a few things that I specialize in at the moment.

  • ●  Pro Keratin Lash Lifts
  • ●  Brow Enhancement Keratin Lamination
  • ●  Skin Specific Facials
  • ●  Chemical Peels
  • ●  Microdermabrasion
  • ●  Facial Waxing
  • ●  Tattoo Removal
  • ●  Advanced Education on Vskincare Line

“Be on the lookout”  I am always updating my Knowledge
As I sit down to attempt to write this I ask myself what were the reasons in which you decided to become an Esthetician. It’s quite simple actually. I ultimately want to provide people with that Ultimate Confidence, the Beauty and Happiness that uplifts they’re spirits once they have taken a little time out of their chaotic, stressful and busy everyday lives for self love & a little pampering.