My skin was “alright” before I started going here, and after only a few visits, everyone is taken away with how flawless my skin is. Worth every penny. Invest in good skincare that way you don’t have to worry about makeup.
— Marianna M.

We love everyone here. Professional, great service, always feel welcome, most importantly they are consistent.
— Mark E.

I always enjoy my one hour facial with Hala. It keeps my skin in good condition and is a time to relax for an hour out of my busy day.
— Anonymous Google User

Great place to be pampered.
— Angela M.
After dealing with an eyebrow that wouldn’t grow hair, and having them tinted to try and cover-up the problem, I decided to get them tattooed. They did my brows, and they look fabulous! One less thing to worry about when putting on makeup. If you want to eliminate a step in your makeup routine or just have your eyebrows done all of the time, have them tattooed on by here. You will be very happy with the results.
— P. Cannon

My new favorite place! Service is fantastic and prices are comparable. I had my eyebrows micro bladed and they turned out amazing. The product line is also my new go-to. Worth checking out.
— Cathey H.

I have been here several times in the last couple of months and their staff is always very friendly and professional.
— Gabriel E.
Oh my goodness, what else can I say except that I absolutely love this place? I have been coming here for about ten years, and I have had wonderful experiences EVERY TIME! I trust everyone here with my skincare needs, as my acne and dark spots have beautifully gone away with much trust and consistency and only using their products (and they are the best and so worth it!). I will never go back to buying cheap or simple face cleansers because here is where the best products are at. Coming every 6-8 weeks is great because the place is beautiful, the location is so peaceful, the staff is always so sweet and welcoming, and the services are so relaxing, and you see the results!! I can’t say enough great things about this place because I love it so much. My face is also so grateful because this is the healthiest it’s been. Everyone should come here!
— Leslie A.

I’ve been coming here for electrolysis for a couple of years now. Great place!
— Christine A.
I have been visiting Rosina’s Day Spa for a few months and I love the products they use and sell. I have purchased the products and have noticed my skin is no longer breaking and is not oily. I get the microdermabrasion treatments and again love the results. This is a wonderfully relaxing treat for yourself, a friend, or family member.
— Ellen W.

Massage therapy, facials, permanent makeup, and all medical aesthetic procedures are available at a high quality. The only Med Spa in the Inland Empire with a full time staff physician. Simply class.
— Shazia H.

Good service, staff was nice.
— A. Mac