In consideration of the services to be performed and the products supplied by Virago’s Skin & Body and it’s employees and agents, I hereby releases Virago from all actions, causes of action, suits, claims and demands for damages and injuries which client may incur as a result of the services performed and/or materials used and furnished to client’s face or body by Virago.

Client represent that he/she has no history of occurrences of adverse skin reaction whether relating to the use of cosmetic products or otherwise and assumes all risk of injury which may be sustained as the result of such application whether caused by the materials and/or products used or the manner of services rendered by Virago.

Client understands and acknowledges that certain cosmetic products contain reactive chemicals that may induce allergic reactions in some persons and hereby releases Virago from and all claims that may arise from any such reaction.

Client realizes in executing this release that he/she is indemnifying and holding Virago harmless from and all possible, actual or claimed conduct, either by way of act or omission by them, or any of them, whether in the formulation manufacture or application of the products used.

Client affirms that he/she is eighteen years of age and has carefully read above and thoroughly understands its terms and meanings. Client knows of no reason why he/she is not free and competent to execute this release.

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