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Virago’s Body and Facial Beautification is a natural, holistic technique that uses advanced wave technology to enhance body and face beautification. That means no painful surgeries, lasers, freezing, or heating! This body and facial beautification method promotes detoxification and aids in helping fat loss by increasing your metabolism. Bioelectric processes used in this treatment are monitored through a built-in biofeedback monitoring computer to individualize treatment and maximize the results for every client. For best results, it’s recommended that you complete 1 – 2 sessions a week for 10 sessions total. Each session lasts 50 minutes.

How it Works

  1. Machine is adhered to the surface of the skin of the targeted area.
  2. A primary set of signals maximize metabolism and diminish the look of cellulite.
  3. A secondary set of signals causes lymphatic drainage to aid in detoxify the body.


Single Body Treatment | $175

Double Body Treatment | $250

Single Face Treatment | $150

Face and Body Combined | $275

A Physical, Emotional, & Mental Transformation

 I designed the 6 Week Metabolism Reboot to help people like you get lean and sexy (and stay that way) without the stress of counting calories. While it isn’t a magic pill, the program will completely transform the way you think about food and teach you how to create a lean lifestyle.

In my 6-week metabolism-boosting program you’ll learn how to…

Eat with Hormonal Balance in Mind – Discover how what you eat affects your hormone levels and how to holistically support your body and mind when you are stressed.

Eat for Satisfaction – Learn how to properly prepare your meals so you never feel like you are missing out on your favorite foods. You’ll also learn key meal prep and food hacks to save time and energy.

Rapidly Build Muscle – How is it that some people build muscle easily, while you struggle to progress? You’ll discover how the most successful bodybuilders put on muscle fast without overtraining. I’ll also share key exercise tips that’ll add fire to your current routine.

Protect Your Nutrition – Often during weight loss, we restrict our calories to hit our goal. This also restricts our nutrition intake. I’ll teach you how to plan your meals so you maximize weight loss without throwing off your nutritional health.

Manifest Your Ideal Body – Finally get the lean and sexy physique you’ve always wanted, and keep it! You’ll discover just how critical the right mindset can be when it comes to your fitness results.

Shift Your Body Identity – How you view yourself dramatically impacts the results you can achieve in the gym. Shifting the way you think about and see your body can make all the difference when it comes to achieving the shape you’ve always wanted. Heading to the gym and preparing meals will become second nature to your daily routine.

With your purchase of Body treatments (series 6 and above), you receive the metabolism  program for $100.

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Hand Hydration Treatment

50 minutes | $40

This is a hydrating treatment that leaves your hands feeling soft and rejuvenated. You can add on a microdermabrasion treatment or a peel for the hands as well.

Hand Peeling Treatment

50 minutes | $70

We offer several peeling treatments. The treatment used is dependent on the skin quality of hands and what method the esthetician feels is right for your needs.

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