Why We Created A New Mens Line

In this episode, Jen talks about oxidative stress because it plays a huge role in our body. It’s in our everyday environment.

Why We Created A New Mens Line Men are the number one culprits of oxidative stress.

A lot of people should be educated on this topic. She answers a lot of popular questions surrounding the topic like, what causes oxidative stress and how to prevent it. She gives the listeners simple ways to protect the skin from premature aging as well. Jennifer incorporates treatments in her clinic to help with the damage of skin stress, check out her latest treatment. https://virago.studio/studio-services/face-skin/

What are antioxidants? What super-foods, jenn will help with the skin as well as give you advice. These are other very important questions she answers in today’s episode. You’ll also learn all about how damaging pollution is, UV exposure, derm-repair, and sunscreen!